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Design and Manufacturers systems for the production of Aerosol products Cosmetics, Technicians, spray paints, insecticides and spray foams…exc..

The systems designed by us include Storage propellants as Butan/propane, Isobutane, DME, R134a, R152a, Solstice GBA, HFO .. exc ...., transfer of propellants, pumping in high and low pressure, dosing propellants system.

Realisation of Gas-House for filling the propellant, in safe area under the control of Safety system.

Installations of storage plant of flammable and dangerous solvents (alcohols and other solvents in general) pumping systems and distribution.

Blending liquids plant.

Forced air extraction systems,

Gas Detection for the safety of the filling area.

Pneumatic systems of command and control and electrical panels of safety for the management of the production process and systems with PLC for the operator interface.

Certified Plant in conforming to the CE-ATEX and CE-PED

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