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PACKAGE : Bulk-Isotank, TonCylinder 930lt.

DESCRIPTION : is a pure HFO (hydrofluoropropene), with a very low GWP value. It is not flammable - Classified ADR 2.2.

APPLICATION : This type of Aget Foam / co-agent foam is used in the production of Extruded and Expanded Plastics such as XPS where a high thermal insulation value is required. SOLSTICE® GBA (HFO1234ze) is then used to improve the Lambda of the building and thus improve the insulation value of civil, commercial / industrial buildings or for technical applications follow the ECO-DESIGN Directive which follows this principle in various sectors.

With the use of SOLSTICE® GBA (HFO1234ze), insulation improvement of about 30% compared to standard production with traditional agents foam.
SOLSTICE® GBA is a Non-flammable product.

This type of gas is also used in a mixture (pre-mixed) with other products to increase its performance and workability inside the extruder machine.

In addition to supply the Gas SOLSTICE® GBA, SINTECO can provide customer assistance in the use of the product in the production process and if necessary use an independent portable dosing system pump to feed the product to the process for possible tests.

GWP(100Y) : 7

Sinteco Solstice GBA – Performance –ENG

Solstice Gba-hfo1234ze-xps application

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