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PACKAGE : Isotank, TonCylinder-Drum.

DESCRIPTION : is a pure HFO (hydrofluoropropene) product with very low GWP, is not flammable gas -classificated ADR 2.2.

APPLICATION : This type of agent foam / co-agent foam is used in the production of Rigid Polyurethane Foams. This product is used both to produce polyurethane foams with better thermal insulation (Low Lambda Value = Energy saving), and to replace the use of old HFCs as foaming agents that are obsolete.

HFO1233zd used to improve the insulation Labda is widely used in various applications such as panels-pipes-and other products in rigid polyurethane foam, in use to foaming the Cabinet of Refrigerated showcases where energy improvement is a very sensitive issue from ECO- DESIGN.

With the use of SOLSTICE® LBA it is possible to obtein a greater isolation of about 22% compared to foams with traditional agents foam.

The SOLSTICE® LBA is a non-flammable product, the value of GWP is very low.

This type of product is also used in mixture with other products to increase its performance in the various processes of foaming.

GWP(100Y) : 4,5

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