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The cylinders are transportable toncylinder for the containment of pressure Gas ADR 2.1 or 2.2.

Our Company provide to the selling of two types of Cylinders with two differents types of Project Pressure.

TYPE A) Test pressure 30 Bar
TYPE B) Test pressure 48 Bar

Both for the type A and the type B , the capacity is 930 lt.

Dimensions : Lenght 2.200mm Diameter 900mm

Certification : T-PED (Sincert) CE 35/2010 - ADR

The Cylinder are rolled type.
With two valves of unloading (GAS phase and liquid phase).

Dowload Bombolone TPED - 923lt -49 Bar

Dowload Bombolone TPED - 930lt -30 Bar

Bomboloni 1 Bomboloni 3 Bomboloni 4