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Sinteco company designs and manufactures equipment for the production of plastic extruded and expanded, such as panel insulating polystyrene foam (XPS), polystyrene trays, profiles polyethylene, polyethylene pipes with copper, polyethylene film or polypropylene plates XPE and polyethylene sheets or blocks of PET (XPET) and other plastics extruded expanded.

Systems that include storage of Gas Blowing Agents, up-loading of gas, pump units for production, distribution of products for use in both low and high pressure. Passive pneumatic safety system and electronic systems for monitoring the process.

Facilities for the use of: R152a, R152a / DME, R134a, isobutane, DME, alcohol, cyclopentane, DME / isobutane, HFO, GBA Solstice, Solstice LBA .. etc ...
We also design and build the logic of security that includes:
Air forced extraction process and security management Warehouse.
Detector Plant for flammable / explosive gases Eexd - Eexi
Storage and processing plants Off-cuts of foam-powder.
Pneumatic board of control and Electric panels for security management and process management (PLC).
Operator Panels on site.

Plants in accordance with the European Regulation-Law CE-ATEX and CE-PED.

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