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Sinteco Srl operating for many years on the European market for Chemical Products & Plant Engineering, over 30 years an experience in the industry.

Sinteco operates in two core businesses:

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS DIVISION deals with the marketing and distribution of chemical products for the wholesale industry in specific sectors. Our Market started in Europe and covers also the whole of the Mediterranean area.

SINTECO is one of European companies (INCUMBENTS) to have a Quota Fgas in accordance with CE Regulation n.517/2014 art. 16 paragraph 1, for the distribution of HFC in the European market.

Our products are designed for industrial applications in various fields including the REFRIGERATION - AEROSOL SPRAY – EXTRUSION PLASTIC MATERIALS - POLYURETHANE FOAMING and the FIRE EXTINGUISHING and more.

Our Chemical products are mainly: R152a, R134a, R152a/DME, R448A, R449A, R452, R227ea, R404A, R410A, R407C, R407A, R407F, R507, R32, R1234ze, R1234yf, R600a, R290, Butane/propane, Isobutane, DME etc ... .. but also the New Generation of HFO Products in foaming application like to Solstice®GBA and Solstice®LBA.

Sinteco also distributes "SINTEPORITE" is a special Zeolite (molecular sieve) used in various industry sectors: Purification of gas LPG products, insulation glazing, air-drying, moisture-absorption in various mechanical systems.

PLANT ENGINEERING DIVISION deals with the Design and Manufacturing of systems-plants in different industrial sectors where Sinteco has gained a long experience in the field of industrialization of their chemicals products.

We install all over the Globe our technology is now known in 4 Continents.

We work and collaborate with leading Companies that build machines in different sectors including Aerosol Spray, the Extrusion Plastics expanded, Polyurethane foams, Refrigeration Domestic and Commercial, the LPG plant for special purposes, and more again.

Storage facilities for chemicals of various kinds (liquid / gas) pumping systems and distribution in the production units.

Electrical and electronic panels for plant management and safety management processes in hazardous applications.

Forced ventilation systems Suction-of potentially hazardous environments that use flammable / dangerous products.

Facilities for the storage and handling of liquids SOLVENTS (Flammable liquids and non-flammable)

Project and Installations on our know-how of Deodorization-Purification of LPG in Cosmetic grade for the production of Propellants Aerosol for the packaging industry spray.

Chemical Products and Plant Engineering Division working every day to improve the quality and the safety our Products and Plants, we are always to research a new opportunity and new Industry application for the new and ecological produtcs.

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