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Our company is able to supply equipment for the production of plastics such as extruders for foamed polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene.
Re-granulators for production scraps and waste, winders for film/foamed sheet lines.

High level foaming machines for rigid polyurethane items, metering machines for inflammable refrigerants.

Automatic/manual filler machines for the Aerosol Spray industry.

Varie Sinteco S.r.l. develops all types of storage/pumping system for special products such as inflammable liquefied gases - inflammable liquids - oily solvents - storage of raw or semi finished products.

Safety implementation systems for dangerous work areas, forced air removal, filtering systems, explosive detection systems for inflammable products, control systems for production departments, end product curing systems.

  • "PED" certification Act CE 97/23 for Pressure Appliances
  • "ATEX" certification Act CE94/9 for materials in potentially dangerous atmospheres.
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