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Sinteco company designs and manufactures equipment for manufactured goods in rigid Polyurethane foam.

Design and construction for the production of Polyurethane sandwich panel metal/metal, panel paper/paper

, pre-insulated pipes, PU block, Doors for refrigerators or cold rooms, Kettles, Exhibitors refrigerated cabinets and Domestic or Commercial Refrigerators and other items containing rigid PU.

We design and manufacture systems for Blowing agents used in foaming of polyurethane, storage tanks, control systems, pumping units for low and high pressure, dosing of the expanding both flammable and non-flammable (Pentane, Cyclopentane, Cyclo/Isopentane, R134a , HFO, Solstice LBA, R245fa, exc ..)

Safety Management of the production area, Explosive Detector System and Electrical Safety boards. Mechanical ventilation at points of danger and Management of Logic General Security.

We also design and manufacture installations for the use of Polyol, Isocyanate, Catalysts and other additives for the Polyurethane foams PUR and PIR.

Equipment for pre-mixing with tanks of the day, with all the related security checks, for flammable or not flammable pre-mixing.

Electrical safety Eexd / Eexi

Our Plant are in accordance with the Regulation and Directive CE-ATEX and CE-PED

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