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Sinteco designs and develops systems to storage, transfer, pump and inject Refrigerant Gas into cooling circuits. Gas-refrigerants include R600a - R290 - R134a - R152a - R410A - R407C - R407F - HFO1234YF - R407A - R290 - R32.
All plants for flammable or not flammable refrigerant gases

Sinteco designs and develops Gas Detection systems for production departments, electronic control systems for safety features, management control panels for dangerous and safe areas.

Sinteco designs and develops ventilation/exhaust systems for production departments and the charging machine, and every safety feature required to work in a safe enviroment, free of flammable/explosive gases in air.

Sinteco designs and develops systems to store and distribute Polyoil and Isocyanate for foaming refrigerator doors made of Polyurethane foam.

Cyclopenthane / Cyclo-Isopentane / Pentane - systems to storage, transfer, pump and distribute foaming agents to the foaming machines to realize the structure of refrigerators - cold room.

Sinteco designs and develops plants for use HFO preducts in refrigerant and agent foam applications

Our technology is used in more bigger producer of home refrigerator.

Our plants are in according with ATEX and CE/PED regulamentation

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